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Ivan Servin

One of the newest additions to the Ahorre Hoy Family! Ivan has been working for Toyota Pasadena for a little over six months now and loves the energetic atmosphere and the equally energetic people that he works with. Ivan has been a big Toyota fan for years! His first car was a refurbished 2001 Toyota Tacoma, which he proudly states as driving like a brand new Tacoma even if it seems to be getting on in years. Ivan is a major fan of one of Alhambra's best Korean Barbeque restaurants and he can often be found there chowing down during a day off! Ask him about the name of the restaurant and if you're lucky, Ivan will share his secret with you! If there is a World Cup futbol game playing with an extra thick crust pepperoni pizza present, Ivan can't be more than a few feet away! He loves watching the game and getting up close and personal with his favorite deep dish pizza pie!

Jonathan Castaneda

A Toyota Pasadena sales and staff aficionado! Jonathan takes immense pride in his three years of service for Toyota and is always ready to start a conversation about it with anyone who walks into the dealership! While all Ahorre Hoy team members are fluent in Spanish, Jonathan is especially knowledgeable concerning this field! Spanish just comes naturally to Jonathan and he has been a speaker for most of his life! Jonathan's very first car was a Saab that was often used for picking up his favorite meals from the Panera Bread cafe'! The cafe' remains one of Jonathan's favorite lunch spots to this day. A perfect day off for Jonathan includes sitting in Dodger's Stadium with his buddies and getting to know his thin crust pepperoni pizza a little bit better! A problem solving, easy to talk to, and genuinley fun loving gentleman! Jonathan's got it all!

Blanca Galloway

Blanca has been with Toyota Pasadena for over a year now and loves working with all of her guests and her fellow team members! The first car Blanca ever drove was a Hyundai Tucson, which was often found in the parking lot of her favorite Veggie Grill restaurant! A major proponent for living a healthy lifestyle, Blanca is constantly moving and eating clean to feel refreshed and ready to greet every day with a smile! Blanca does of course take time to indulge in some tasty sausage pizza and if the Chargers football game is on then it's a perfect afternoon for her! The Spanish language is second nature to Blanca and she is more than willing to start a bilingual conversation with all of her guests! Intelligent, friendly, and always outgoing! Toyota Pasadena is lucky to have, Blanca!

George Sidhom

It's always a party at the dealership when George is around! To say that George's wacky personality is only a tad bit contagious would be the understatement of the century! Everyone can't help but grin when George bursts through the doors of the dealership and is ready to make customers and his fellow team members smile and laugh! Geroge is the spirit of Ahorre Hoy and he makes the whole dealership feel like one big happy family, George is a Spanish speaking, grin giving, joke making, walking ball of sunshine, but he is always ready to be serious when he needs to be! Ask George about his favorite lunch spots here in the Pasadena area and you're bound to recieve glowing reccomendations! Lighthearted, energetic, and proud to be a Toyota expert for Ahorre Hoy! Toyota Pasadena is holding aces with George in tow!

Manuel Marques

A man of many linguistic talents! Originally from Portugal, Manuel grew up training horses for several years before moving to the United States and learning how to sharpen his language skills in FOUR different languages! Manuel is a fluent speaker in Spanish, Portuguese, French, and English and loves surprising other foreign speakers visiting the dealership with his overflowing knowledge of language, the world, and his all-time favorite places to grab food in Pasadena! Ask Manuel about his favorite lunch spot and he will let you in on his secret if you're lucky! One of the best parts about being an Ahorre Hoy team member for Manuel is that he doesn't feel like he needs to be a high pressure salesman to do his job. Manuel enjoys the very relaxed environment and he loves chatting it up with the customers! Extremely knowledgeable, patient, and pleasantly persistent! Manuel helps make Ahorre Hoy shine!

Alex Fernandez

One of our most outstanding customer care specialists! Alex is always looking for the next conversation to insert his wealth of Toyota knowledge into! A fluent Spanish speaker and always ready to lend a hand when the going gets tough, Alex is always willing to go the extra mile for guests of the dealership and his team members! Alex is well versed in what makes a sale special and he knows that the job has been done correctly when his guests walk away with smiles! When Alex isn't making magic happen on the sales floor you can find him happily getting to know his extra cheesy pepperoni pizza a little bit better at any one of his favorite pizzerias in the heart of Downtown Pasadena! Ask him about where to get the best extra thick crust pizza in Southern California and he may let you in on one of his many foodie secrets! Highly skilled, trusted, and extremely knowledgeable, Alex is your man with a plan when it comes to finding the perfect deal that's right for you!

Arron Arias

The latest edition to Team Ahorre Hoy! Arron Arias has a smile that goes on for miles and he starts his day here at Toyota Pasadena ready to make his guest's dreams come true! A self-proclaimed people person, deal maker, and expert with the Spanish language he is indeed all of this and more! When you walk through the doors of the dealership and are lucky enough to bump into this gentleman you'll be glad you did. Arron is always ready to talk about what you need in a Toyota and makes it a priority to get to know his guests really well. The most important thing for Aaron is making sure he knows his guest as well as he would know a member of his own family, so that he can pick the Toyota that's right for them! You can find Arron at any number of his favorite restaurants right here in Pasadena and if you ask him where to get the best burgers, be prepared with a pen and pad of paper!

Isaac Garcia

Mr. Business himself! Isaac takes his job as a major team player of Ahorre Hoy very seriously and is extremely proud of the role he plays here at the dealership! His efforts to provide the best deals he can to his guests and take care of his team go far above and beyond our expectations! Isaac is a stunning example of the embodiment of Ahorre Hoy's values and customer care goals! He works tirelessly and shops around town to ensure that other dealerships simply cannot compete with the the price he will give his guests! When you purchase a Toyota with Isaac you become a friend for life and Isaac is certainly a best friend to have! Fluent in Spanish and ready to make the deal of the century with the guest in mind first, Isaac has the perfect blend of charisma, motivation, expertise, and character! When Isaac isn't hard at work he likes to keep things simple and relax at home or watch a movie with his friends. When you want the deal of a lifetime and friend you can count on ask for Isaac!